Portable Dust Collector

We manufacture a wide range of Portable Dust Collector systems. Our dust extraction solutions deliver consistent, unbeatable reliability for a wide range of applications and industries. For cost effectiveness we manufacture customized units to suit exactly the application. We can provide customized ducting solutions along with our dust collectors for your specific dust collection requirements.

A few of the many applications for this product include :
  • Dust collection for woodworking saws, sanders, jointers and planers.
  • Dust collection for grinding and buffing machines used in metalworking.
  • Dust collection for flour mills.
  • For portable or stationary applications.
  • For single work stations up to multiple stations.


Ordinary Type Spark Resistant
Self-cleaning*/manual cleaning Self-cleaning*
Mild steel impeller Cast aluminum impeller
Radial / backward inclined Radial wheel
Totally enclosed motors Totally enclosed motors / flame proof motors
  • *In self cleaning arrangement a timer with shaker motor arrangement is included. no moving parts are exposed for safety purpose.
  • The single and multi stage filtration design provides much higher filtration efficiencies. Heavy duty 10 gauge steel blower housings are standard on all models. Polyester, PTFE, antistatic and special filter media with respect to application is used.
  • Our dust collectors capture the dust before it ends up on the floor and provides a much safer working environment.

If you have special requirements that cannot be met with standard model, please contact us.